Tulsa Garden Railroad Club

Tulsa OK, USA

Jenks Herb Fest 2016 -- Photos by Joe.

We've almost finished setting up the yard.

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We set up at the Jenks Herb and Plant Festival in 2016.

In our usual place by the insurance company that used to be a bank.

Joe arrived first with not one, but 2 helixes. Whould that be 2 heli?

It was chilly that morning for unloading the modules.

We've almost finished setting up the yard.

Sully makes sure we're doing it right.

Lisa and Sully's blue truck.

Stan was there.

Some sponsor buildings.

A small freight house.

An industry.

The draw bridge lifts to let 165 ft giants pass.

Don Dow's pop loading installation.

Tom watches Gary put his Mikado on the track.

While Sammy makes her getaway.

Important to have some place for children to bounce.

View from inside the layout.

Passenger depot.

A stream flows under a bridge.

Another stream flows under another bridge.

Homestead and garden plot.

Gary's brewery.

Doctor Thompson promoting the Tour in June.

Central Business District.

2016 tour guides on sale here.

Downtown Anywhere Oklahoma.

Salloon and a sponsor building.

Backwood cabin by the yard.

Harry pushing tour guides.

Minions on the two-way helix.

Climbing to the top.

While eggliners spin up and down the other.

The public arrives.

Passenger train.

Stan, Bob and Don, or are those Athos, Porthos and Aramis?

Trains pass.

Joe shoots Bob's good side.


Almost all packed up.

Bob and Tom load the last of the legs.

While Bob supervises.

Don powers a module rack.

Joe is all loaded up.

Everything goes back into the trailer.

It's been a long day!

Don, Bob and Stan finish loading the trailer.

Joe gets both helixes home.

Club Info

The Tulsa Garden Railroad Club was founded in January 1997. Its purpose is to encourage and broaden the knowledge of large scale garden railroad activities. It is open to anyone interested in large-scale outdoor or indoor model railroading.

Membership is $25/year for an individual, $30 for a family. A corporate membership is $250. An associate membership is $15 for distant members too far for regular activities.


•President: David Kessler
•Vice President: Bob Buttram
•Secretary: Tom Ruby
•Treasurer: Elly Guess


Activities include a monthly meeting held at the Airport Free Will Baptist Church. These meetings feature a presentation, a short business meeting and refreshments.

We have 3 different layouts we set up at events in the area. A floor layout which can be large or small, the Mini Modules, and the Large Modular Layout which adapts to the space available.

Corporate Sponsors

• Catalina Cove Developement - Skiatook Lake

• Chew Chew Express

Reindeer Pass

• State Farm - Beverly Taylor, Skiatook

Waste Research