Tulsa Garden Railroad Club

Tulsa OK, USA

At the 2015 Maker's Fair

This IS Oklahoma, isn't it?

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Photo Index

A big empty room.

Putting the yard together.

Finished the yard.

Stan finishing the connections.

Unpacking the lift bridge.

Setting modules in place.

Stan supervises setting the lift bridge in place.

Joe wonders if these are really straight.

"I don't think this is straigh, guys."

One joint isn't even.

How'd Joe get in a picture if he was taking them?

"Doesn't this piece go in here?"

The minions were a big help and always had a good attitude.

Doyle made this cool lantern style bird feeder.

Rob Hardgrove.

We tried to build Bob into a corner.

Gary's beer refinery.

A house.

Tom putting Thomas on the track.

A rural setting.

Bob Gardine's old west town.

Downtown Spudnuckle.

This IS Oklahoma, isn't it?

Stan setting on some piggyback cars.

The executive committee.

Director Sully and Director Bob.


Percy pulls coaches and minions.

Football Eggliners and a Katy loco.

End of the train.

Minions out for the day.

Tommy's tummy.

Gary's passenger train.

Gary grimmaces for the camera.

Bob Gardine got out of his hole. (See photo 16.)

The maker's fair was pretty big.

The train wrecked and spilled the minions out.
They were all laughing as we put them back in.
It took a long time 'cause we kept laughing too.

"I got them all back in!"

Almost loaded up.

Hewey, Lewie and Dewey.

Club Info

The Tulsa Garden Railroad Club was founded in January 1997. Its purpose is to encourage and broaden the knowledge of large scale garden railroad activities. It is open to anyone interested in large-scale outdoor or indoor model railroading.

Membership is $25/year for an individual, $30 for a family. A corporate membership is $250. An associate membership is $15 for distant members too far for regular activities.


•President: Donnie Shirie
•Vice President: Bob Buttram
•Secretary: Vernon Guess
•Treasurer: Elly Guess


Activities include a monthly meeting held at the Airport Free Will Baptist Church. These meetings feature a presentation, a short business meeting and refreshments.

We have 3 different layouts we set up at events in the area. A floor layout which can be large or small, the Mini Modules, and the Large Modular Layout which adapts to the space available.

The annual tour takes place in June, the day before Father's day, and members have their gardens open for public viewing.

Corporate Sponsors

• Catalina Cove Developement - Skiatook Lake

Hardscape Materials

Keystone Chevrolet

• State Farm - Beverly Taylor, Skiatook

Waste Research